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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Above the snow
at the level of bird song
spring begins

Jane Reichhold


Jacob said...

Are the birds singing there? That is a sure sign that spring is near! Thank goodness. It's very cold here still (not like most northern climes, but bad enough for us!)...

Mami said...

We have a song like this.

On the plum twig
at the level of the warbler
song spring has come..
ho ho hokekyo

Devika said...

really?? i thought some birds are not ready yet...kidding, nice one, Joo..as always:)


Japy said...

Nice bird. I guess it´s wishing the winter finishes, it must be very hard for them with such a cold winter. Greetings.

m_m said...

Przyłapany na porannej toalecie:) Piękne zdjęcie!

Regina said...

Lovely one!

Bob Bushell said...

The bird is taking a quick clean-up. Nice picture.

Gillena Cox said...

love birds love this one

much love

Rain said...

LOL..winter just begun in my neck of the woods! I'm hoping it sticks around for a few more months!!! :)

JM said...

Lovely capture!

Clueless in Boston said...

Bird song in the morning is definitely a sign of Spring. I can't wait!

joo said...

Thank you All for your comment:)
Still ther's no sign of spring here I'm afraid - you're right, cold an birds aren't ready - just wishful thinking:)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photography !

Magyar said...

Ah... all those -levels- that subliminally point to the seasonal changes... this one you've beautifully shown, Joo! And a well a well chosen triplet! _m

april said...

Lovely reminder. Yes - can't wait to hear it!

Flo de Sendai said...

A lot of lovely photos on your blog, and this one is my favorite......beautiful !

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