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Monday, March 29, 2010

Men live
men die
wild geese come past

Natsume Soseki
translated by Gilles Fabre 


Fio said...


A słowo do weryfikacji 'gunbunte'. Dziwnie.

Clueless in Boston said...

I guess that is the cycle of life.

old pajamas said...


Beautiful picture ties the poem and you together. Thank you.....pajamas

Joan Elizabeth said...

We don't have wild geese around here ... your photo helps me to imagine what it would be like to have them fly past.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

I Wish to fly like these creatures !! Great shot !!

Rain said...

The geese are back here too! I woke up to I'm sure thousands of them squawking overhead the other day! :)

Jacob said...

Wild geese all around
Soaring aloft, not a sound
I'm stuck on the ground!

Peace and joy and wishes for a wonderful week, Joo!

Bob Bushell said...

It is a sky with beautiful birds, amazing sight.

Gillena Cox said...

photo and poem complimentary unit

much love

ruma2008 said...

To jest głęboka haiku, takich jak "Zen" myśli.
To wspaniałe tłumaczenie.

JM said...

This is beautiful and something you don't see here... At least I've never seen geese flying over my head! :-)

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