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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking closely
under the mushroom
a desert landscape

Jane Reichhold

I'm leaving for a couple of days. Will join you at the weekend 


Gine said...

Oh ! Qui a croqué l'ammanite ?

Cezar and Léia said...

OMG, this kind of mushroom is the same that Marina used to draw!It's so beautiful!
Great finder!

Joan Elizabeth said...

We get mushrooms like this in our garden in the autumn too.

JM said...

Fantastic colour! We have these (or very similar) here but have never seen them... Enjoy your days off.

Sanna said...

I love the colours of the fly agaric, it has sent my imagination spinning since I was a child and read Elsa Beskow's "Children of the Forest", where the children had hats that looked like the fly agaric so that they could hide from threats. =)

Bob Bushell said...

Who has been eating me?

Prospero said...

What a delight, Joo.

Magyar said...

I find mushrooms very interesting:

not there
the day before
enlivened by the rain
standing in a rising day's sun

Grand photo Joo! _m

Lucy said...

Please Joo, hurry back. You will be missed. Wht a unique picture of a mushroom.

Japy said...

Nice Amanita Muscaria. Full of colour. Greetings.

M.Kate said...

wow! that mushroom is fantastic. I have them growing here....boring grey ones, havent seen anything so bright :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful mushroom with lovely color combinations.

Maria Berg said...

Love the color it has even if it is poisson. MB

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