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Monday, October 18, 2010

Cold morning
frosty grass glittering
like a promise



Ada said...

Baśniowo piękne! Słońce pisze tutaj całkiem nieprawdopodobną historię... Ale to jeszcze nie koniec jesieni.
Tak mi się wydaje, że dzisiejszy poranek może być bardzo podobny...

Joo, dziękuję za piękne zdjęcie przed snem :)

Magyar said...

__Each grain of frost... reflects its own thought, its own promise.
__As always, Joo... great photo and choice of verse. _m

Viola said...

Same here.. the frost is coming at nights.. :) Lovely photo! :)

Jacob said...

Oh boy, glittering like a promise is right - the promise of cold, snow and freezing hands and feet (and ears!)... :-)))

I like Florida. We don't have this (well, actually in Ocala, being further north, we do get a little frost on occasion)...

Beautiful photo, though!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful picture, melting into the words; keeping the promise, even though it may take a while until shown, once the white of snow melts away.

Please have a wonderful Sunday.

daily athens

Bob Bushell said...

It was a frosty morning Joo.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh my that does look cold.

Dani said...

The cold morning
froze my hopes
for sunny day.

Great, Joo.

Dave said...

love the ray of light here.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Still the weather is warm here!

Anonymous said...

We are having frosty nights too, this grass was crunchy this morning when I walked the boys! It started to snow today, but it all melted after about half an hour! Beautiful photo!

Lucy said...

Great photos. Joo just for you I took the snow away.

M.Kate said...

Beautiful shot as usual Joo...is it getting cold now?

Cezar and Léia said...

"Cold morning
kisses from roses
keeping my heart warm"


crocrodyl said...

Piękne zdjęcie! Cudowne światło!

ruma said...

The strictness of the season to come over. .
The brightness seems to foretell it.

Judy said...

Joo, this photo may be simple, but I think it is my favourite of all the ones on this page!! I love it!!

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