Welcome to my blog - why haiku? Why not? I look at the world throug my camera and haiku is the best and simpliest way to comment what I can see around. All photos are mine, haiku unfortunately not.


Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Mountains with snow
and mountains without snow
all the same height

Inahata Teiko


Cezar and Léia said...

Beauty in everywhere! :)
Lovely haiku
Lovely picture!

Olga Ricci said...

Precioso haiku y una fotografía que tambien es poesía pura.

emberiza said...

So simple but brilliant!


Wind said...

Wonderful, but I wait for spring! ha ha
I connot make any poetry in this cold grey winter!

Japy said...

Simple but very effective. Nice shot. Greetings.

Jacob said...

Do you think that's true? I mean if a mountain is crowned with several feet of snow, wouldn't it be taller than a mountain of the same elevation but without snow?

I dunno.

But I ain't gonna go

And find out.

Too cold.

Anonymous said...

Words melting into your photography. Impressive ! Please have a good Wednesday.

daily athens

Dani said...

I love it, Joo.

M.Kate said...

Somehow you always find the most appropriate haiku with the right pictures. Happy weekend ahead, hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, the mountains in winter, nothing like it!

Bob Bushell said...

Blue mountains, that reminds me of a song.

Magyar said...

... and that mountain village adds humanism, and a certain beauty, to the already beautiful mountain; another -height- seen!

__Again, a fine one Joo! _m

Alan said...

Lovely photo! It's really calming.

Lucy said...

It is a lovely picture. We have snow a plenty right now ourselves. I am truly sick of snow and being hemmed in by it but better days ahead I hope.

JM said...

Love the mist. Wonderful blues.

LauraX said...

beautiful, beautiful Joo!

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